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Erika Shares Her Story

Erika recently experienced an early pregnancy loss and she has decided to share her story with those who will listen. Below she documents her story and reviews the care package she receives from our organization. We would love to hear and share your story too. If you would like to share with us please click the "Share Your Story" button on the side of this page. Everyone has a different story and we would love to hear yours.

Words from Erika:

When my husband returned home last Fall from a year long deployment, I was eager to begin to try to grow our family. In January we began actively trying to conceive our first baby. I started my YouTube channel where I documented our TTC journey. After 7 months of negative pregnancy tests and disappointment, it finally happened- two pink lines!! We were so excited that we announced right away and rejoiced in the news with our family and friends. This baby was immediately loved by so many.

I continued to make videos and document every part of my pregnancy, from us finding out and telling our family, to every symptom I was experiencing week by week. Once I was 9 weeks pregnant, it was time for o

ur first prenatal appointment and we would finally get to see our baby.

Our sweet baby was measuring perfectly on track, but unfortunately he or she did not have a heartbeat. We were shocked and devastated. Why us? Why MY baby?

I have known Kara for most of my life and when she heard that we lost our baby, she was gracious enough to send me her devotional Align Our Hearts along with a beautiful care package full of thoughtful gifts. Both of these have helped me heal so much and have inspired me to reach out to others who are going through the same heartache.

My appointment was 2 weeks ago. The emotions are still fresh and we are still healing. I took a bit of a break from making videos, but today I posted my my miscarriage story on my channel. This video is raw and emotional but my hope is that it will help others who have been affected by pregnancy loss by letting you know that you are not alone.

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Sharing your experience can

not only help your heart, but could also help other hearts find hope, comfort, peace acceptance, and most of all, understanding that they are NOT ALONE. Share as much, or as little as you'd like, we would love to hear from you!

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