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Summer's Story

During a pregnancy loss, you feel so incredibly alone. You have a million questions to ask and no one really to talk to. There is some comfort having the opportunity to read stories of other moms who have also experienced a loss. This helps us somewhat understand that we are not in this alone. Every story is different; however, there are elements of all of our stories that are the same. Here is Summer's story of her miscarriage when she was just 10 weeks pregnant.

Summer: My husband and I had a beautiful healthy toddler and we were so excited when we found out baby #2 was on the way. I was 10 weeks along and at church I started cramping and just not feeling right. By the time we got home the bleeding had started and my heart sank. Being the weekend we went to our local ER to be checked out and they told us they couldn’t find a heartbeat. Immediately the tears were running down my face and I couldn’t believe this was happening. They told us to go to our doctor on Monday to confirm and go from there. I am not sure how much I slept that night just hoping and praying they were wrong. We went to our doctor, and while waiting I heard a newborn cry in the room next to us and lost it. My husband just stood there and held me in his arms. They came in and the ultrasound confirmed we had lost our baby. She informed me that she felt I could pass the baby naturally and to call if that wasn’t the case. My emotions were here, there and everywhere. My husband stayed home with me that day and the next which was a huge blessing. I remember it was around lunch time and my body did its job; I just sat on the bathroom floor crying my eyes out. I was heartbroken, devastated and angry! I realize I was only 10 weeks and had never felt my baby kick or heard its heartbeat, but it was still very hard to go through. I reached out to a few of my closest friends, but none of them had been through this, so I felt alone. Being a believer, I put my trust in God and knew everything would be okay in time. Now I have 3 wonderful kids who are my greatest joy and blessing.

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